Honduran Mahogany

Mahogany (Honduran)

Common Name(s)
Honduran Mahogany, Honduras Mahogany, American Mahogany, Genuine Mahogany, Big-Leaf Mahogany, Brazilian Mahogany
Scientific Name
Swietenia macrophylla
Tree Distribution
From Southern Mexico to central South America.
Tree Size
150-200 ft (46-60 m) tall, 3-6 ft (1-2 m) trunk diameter
Janka Hardness
900 lbf
Heartwood color can vary a fair amount with Honduran Mahogany, from a pale pinkish brown, to a darker reddish brown. Color tends to darken with age. Mahogany also exhibits an optical phenomenon known as chatoyancy.
Grain / Texture
Grain can be straight, interlocked, irregular or wavy. Texture is medium and uniform, with moderate natural luster.
Pricing / Availability
Despite export restrictions, Honduran Mahogany continues to be available in lumber or veneer form, possibly from plantations. Prices are in the mid range for an imported hardwood, though it tends to be more expensive than African Mahogany. Figured or quarter-sawn lumber is more expensive.

- Information cited from Wood-Database.com