The Lancelot

Desktop Cigar Humidor

Unique, one-of-a-kind design you won’t find anywhere else, crafted with the woods of your choice.

The Lancelot
The Lancelot cigar humidor opening
Cocobolo Lancelot Cigar Humidor


Recommended Capacity 65-75 cigars*
Outside Dimensions 13″W x 10″D x 10¼”H
Carcass ¾” Solid Hardwood
Hardwood Species You decide!
Lining ¼” Spanish Cedar
Base ⅜” Black Granite
Cigar Trays 3 (¼” Spanish Cedar)
Humidification (by Boveda®) 3 – 85% RH 60g Boveda® seasoning packs, 3 – 69% RH 60g Boveda® maintaining packs
Hygrometer 1 – Govee H5100 mini bluetooth hygrometer
Priced from $999.00 USD**
Lancelot in Wenge

DeLorean Inspired

The first design to be made a reality, this desktop cigar humidor is one-of-a-kind.

The Lancelot cigar humidor features a 5″ wide gullwing as the primary lid, with flaps on either side, opening away from the gullwing.

Lancelot Trays

Kiln-Dried Spanish Cedar

Lined with ¼” kiln-dried Spanish Cedar and features 3 trays, The Lancelot cigar humidor features a solid ⅜” granite bottom and comes complete with a built-in Govee H5100 mini bluetooth hygrometer and Boveda® seasoning/maintaining packs.

* Recommended capacity estimated based on cigars with 56 ring gauge. Recommended capacity allows for ample airflow.

* Wood selection can increase price. Price is exclusive of shipping.

This product plants 20 trees

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