About Gryphon Humidors

Mike working on jointer

The Past

Ever since I was old enough to hold a hammer, I have been into woodworking. The photo to the left was taken when I was 3 and trying to help my dad work on his jointer. Even though the jointer was bigger than I was at the time, I was still sucked in to the never-ending opportunities that woodworking brought. So, for over 30 years I’ve been building things out of wood. What started off as a bird house, keys holder and other little projects turn into furniture, lamps, boxes, woodworking jigs, even some of my own tools that I still use today. So when my cigar habit began to rival my woodworking passion, I figured it would be best to combine the two.

One day a few BotL were commenting on the humidors I had built myself and inquired about having one crafted. I then decided to make a premium line of “super” humidors for the true cigar aficionado.

The Lancelot cigar humidor

The Present

As of now, there is a line of both desktop and travel cigar humidors, as well as a complete line of cigar smoking accessories. Each humidor has been engineered with a different design in mind and can hold different quantities of cigars. All of the humidors can be crafted out of virtually any wood you can think of. All of our cigar humidors have a 2″ round metal disc with the logo laser-etched onto it.

Worldwide shipping is available!

Lumber and saw dust

The Future

The future holds newly designed products and continuing efforts to bring you the best cigar humidors money can buy. Depending on what the demand is for different styles and designs, some designs might be removed, some might be added, etc. I started this business for a few reasons: to further feed my ever growing drive to create beautiful wood pieces, I enjoy smoking more cigars (being in the shop has its perks), and mostly to allow others to experience something meaningful that they can treasure for years to come. If you have any ideas or comments, I’m all ears.