Handcrafted Cigar Humidors

With 4 unique models and virtually endless wood combinations to choose from, you can have your cigar humidor, your way.

The Lancelot

The Lancelot

Desktop Cigar Humidor

Inspired by the iconic DMC Delorean, The Lancelot cigar humidor features a unique “gullwing” lid with side flaps that double as tray shelves.

The Merlin

The Merlin

Desktop Cigar Humidor

Taking the standard shape of a cigar humidor but flipping how it opens, The Merlin cigar humidor reveals it’s tray when pulled apart to the sides.

The Camelot

The Camelot

Travel Cigar Humidor

Going on a trip or heading to the B&M and taking a few cigars with you? Don’t leave home without The Camelot 4ct. travel cigar humidor.

The Galahad

The Galahad

Travel Cigar Humidor

Big brother to The Camelot, The Galahad travel cigar humidor can store up to 8 cigars for your extended weekend trip to the beach.

Looking for a bigger desktop humidor?

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