How it works

Engineered and crafted in St. Louis, MO, USA

Unique, one-of-a-kind design you won’t find anywhere else, crafted with the woods of your choice.


You choose what model cigar humidor you want


You choose the wood species you want


Your cigar humidor is built from scratch


Your humidor is usually shipped to you in 4-6 weeks

Lumber Stacked


What makes each and every cigar humidor so unique is that it was made specifically for you.

You picked out the woods you wanted it made out of. Whether you’re matching your home office or just happen to like a specific grain/color, there’s a wood species out there for you, just begging to become your next cigar humidor.

Humidor Construction


Anyone can rough cut some wood, slap some glue on the joints and call it a humidor.

Our humidors are not only well planned, but meticulously assembled. There are absolutely zero nails/screws used to hold our humidors together (except for attaching hardware). You will find that every little detail has been thoughtfully planned and executed.

Finishing process


The finish is probably just as important if not more important than construction and planning.

Without the right finish, wood will start to show wear over time. Some handmade humidors will just have a coat of oil and maybe paste wax. This may look good, but it does not protect the wood. After allowing ample time for lacquer to dry and cure, the humidors receive a final buffing with steel wool and paste wax, then furniture polish. This process ensures that your new humidor will last a lifetime.

Start building your new humidor

Choose from a variety of domestic and exotic woods