African Mahogany

Mahogany (African)

Common Name(s)
African Mahogany
Scientific Name
Khaya spp. (Khaya anthotheca, K. grandifoliola, K. ivorensis, K. senegalensis)
Tree Distribution
Western Tropical Africa
Tree Size
100-130 ft. tall, 3-5 ft. trunk diameter
Janka Hardness
1070 lbf
Heartwood color is variable, ranging from a very pale pink to a deeper reddish brown, sometimes with streaks of medium to dark reddish brown. Color tends to darken with age. Quarter-sawn surfaces can also exhibit a ribbon-stripe appearance.
Grain / Texture
Grain is straight to interlocked, with a medium to coarse texture. Good natural luster with a light-refracting optical phenomenon known as chatoyancy.
Pricing / Availability
Readily available in a variety of lumber sizes, as well as plywood and veneer. Prices are low to moderate for an imported hardwood.

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