250ct Custom Cigar Humidor



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This truly is a one-of-a-kind humidor!

Crafted out of 100% solid Macassar Ebony and lined with Spanish Cedar, this luxury cigar humidor can comfortably hold 200-250 cigars. It features a solid ceramic bottom and comes complete with 320g Boveda® packs that fit in custom cut pockets on the insides of the humidor, as well as a Boveda® Butler bluetooth hygrometer.

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Primary Wood Used Macassar Ebony
Date Completed October 2019
Recommended Capacity 200-250+ cigars*
Outside Dimensions 23″W x 13″D x 712“H
Carcass 34” Solid Hardwood
Lining 14” Spanish Cedar
Base 38” Ceramic Tile
Cigar Trays 2 (14” Spanish Cedar)
Humidification 2 – Boveda® 320g humidification packs (included)
Hygrometer Boveda® Butler bluetooth hygrometer (included)

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